You can help fund life-saving
heart research

A marathon effort to look after Kiwi hearts 

We all know or love someone who has been impacted by heart disease. 

Everyday 16-18 Kiwis lose their lives to heart disease, the loss of a loved one has profound impact on the families left behind. 

Now there’s something you can do to help. 

MyMarathon is your opportunity to raise funds for life-saving heart research, while challenging yourself to walk or run 42 km (or more) 
over hours, days or weeks during May.

Join a marathon effort to help win the race against heart disease.

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Where does the money go?  

By walking or running one or more marathons during May, you are not only looking after your own heart health – you’re helping others.

The biggest prize is the impact you’re having by raising money to help the Heart Foundation fund life-saving heart research to help save lives.