How can I fundraise?

Raising funds can be easy and fun!

The first step is to set a
fundraising goal
. This will encourage your friends
and whānau to be generous
in their support and help you achieve your personal target.

Next, personalise your page.
Upload a photo and tell your story to share why you're taking part and raising funds to fight heart disease.

Spread the word. Our resources
page has plenty of social media
tiles and other resources
to help you ask for support
and celebrate your achievements.

Fundraising tips  

Here are some more tips and ideas to help get you started: 

  • Save the date – add the start date of 1 May in your calendar.

  • Make a donation – kick start your fundraising by making the first donation. If you back yourself, others are more likely to back you too!  

  • Personalise your page – upload a photo and tell people why you’re taking part. Then keep your supporters up to date with your progress by posting regular updates. 

  • Don’t be shy – post regularly to update your friends and whānau, and continue asking them to support you. Then reach out beyond your inner circle – ask colleagues and your community to donate.  

  • Spread the word – via SMS, emails and social media.
  • Download and post our resourcesCheck out our range of social posts and stories available to share your challenge far and wide.

The more people who know about your challenge, the more donations you'll receive to support your efforts!