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MyMarathon Terms of Use

Welcome to MyMarathon. By signing up and participating in the MyMarathon event for the Heart Foundation, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Use. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please read this document.

Terms of Use

Your participation in this Event and use of this Website (www.mymarathon.co.nz) is governed by these terms of use (Terms of Use). In taking part in MyMarathon, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, you must refrain from participating in this Event and using this Website.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Use from time to time and you should check and read these Terms of Use regularly. Amendments will be effective immediately upon notification on this Website.

Your continued participation in this Event and use of the Website following such notification will represent an agreement by you to be bound by the Terms of Use as amended.


All information provided by us on this Website is provided in good faith. You accept that any information provided by us is general information for personal and non-commercial use and is not in the nature of medical advice. It has not been prepared by taking into account the particular objectives, situation, health or needs or any individual users.

In these Terms of Use:

  1. The Heart Foundation means the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand
  2. MyMarathon means the physical fundraising challenge where participants walk, jog or run 42.2km during the month of May, while raising funds to support heart research, specialist training and other heart health initiatives determined by the Heart Foundation
  3. Event means the MyMarathon event
  4. Website means mymarathon.co.nz
  5. Participant means an individual who has completed the sign-up process to take part in MyMarathon
  6. Physical Activity means walking, running or jogging (or the use of a wheelchair or other mobility aid) on a firm, static surface and excludes walking, running or jogging in water, and other non-traditional modes of ambulation.
  7. The website www.mymarathon.co.nz, is owned by the Heart Foundation of New Zealand (referred to in these terms of use as "we", "our", or "us".

Eligibility to Participate

To participate in MyMarathon, you must:

  1. Have completed the online sign-up process;
  2. Match the identification details submitted in your sign-up process;
  3. Be over the age of 16, and have the permission of a parent/legal guardian to participate if you are under the age of 18

Participant Responsibilities

By signing up to MyMarathon, you agree that:

  1. You understand that participating in MyMarathon will require you to undertake Physical Activity (ranging from gentle to rigorous); and
  2. You will only undertake those levels of Physical Activity that you are comfortable and physically able to manage; and
  3. If you and/or your child have a medical condition that may be adversely affected by participating in this Event, you have received medical clearance from your GP and/or other medical practitioner; and
  4. Should you experience an accident or injury during the Event, the Heart Foundation is not liable, and you should refrain from any further participation until otherwise advised by your GP and/or other medical practitioner; and
  5. You accept all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever and howsoever arising from MyMarathon activities; and
  6. The Heart Foundation is not liable for any medical attention, and related costs, required leading up to, during and following this Event; and
  7. The Heart Foundation is not responsible for any other financial costs incurred leading up to or during this Event; and
  8. Your fundraising efforts will be aligned with the Heart Foundation’s health promoting messages; and
  9. Any views and opinions expressed by you during the lead up to and during the Event are strictly your own, and may not reflect those of the Heart Foundation; and
  10. All information that you provide to the Heart Foundation is accurate and true; and
  11. Any contact you may have with the public, sponsors or media related to this Event will be in support of, but not on behalf of, the Heart Foundation; and
  12. The Heart Foundation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude or reject you from participating in MyMarathon at any time and without notification, justification or explanation to you; and
  13. If you no longer consent to be bound by this document as varied from time to time at any time, you will immediately cease your participation in MyMarathon.

Photography & Media

By participating in MyMarathon, you consent to:

  1. The use of your name, image, photograph, video and comments being used in any publication and marketing done by the Heart Foundation; and
  2. Having your photograph taken by Event photographers (if applicable), and all photographic rights will be retained by the Heart Foundation and may be used in future promotional materials; and
  3. The Heart Foundation may contact you to ask about your participant experience and share your story to promote future MyMarathon events.